Dhanyamladhara In this therapy a special self-fermented warm preparation made of various kinds of grains, horse gram etc ( Dhanyamla ) is poured over the body in a synchronized manner. The treatment is done for 45 to 60 minutes for 7 days or more. It is very effective... Read More


Kayasekam (Pizhichil) This is the ‘king’ among traditional therapies of Kerala. It is a therapeutic process in which lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body in a uniform rhythmic way continuously in a specific direction for 45 to 60 minutes.... Read More

Choorna pinda swedam

Choorna pinda swedam (Podikizhi) The application of poultices of medicinal powders over the body is named Choorna pinda swedam. The procedure is done for 45 to 60 minutes daily, normally for 7 days. It is of two types- Snighda ( along with application of oil ) and... Read More

Shashtika pinda swedam

Shashtika pinda swedam (Njavarakizhi) This is a Kerala traditional treatment in which poultices of medicinal rice (Njavarayari) processed in herbal decoction of Sida retusa root (Balamoola)and milk is applied over the whole body or a specific part. The boluses are... Read More


Sirodhara ‘Sirodhara’ literally means continuous flow (Dhara) over the forehead (Siras). It is a typical Kerala traditional treatment. Medicated oil/ decoctions, herbal extracts etc. is allowed to flow as a continuous stream over the upper part of the scalp .The... Read More